Wednesday, January 23, 2013


What I learned in photography is about the to use the camera correctly and what goes along with it. I learned new techniques like using Marco setting and how to clone one self or what is a pin hole.Never thought I using these techniques to produce the images I have post. Changing the ISO setting or the shutter speed to make the picture blurry or so clear you could see the details in the photo. In the class I learned how the shutter world and its aperture that it has. Also having to use a dark room so that the image is produce through the chemicals. Including the enlarger using light to project the image on the photo paper.I wished we could of done more darkroom more often

I learned about my self is I could produce good picture that I never of taken. Also I know the more qualities I have in taking pictures.I could of done a better of taking photos and stop taking the easy way of producing images. I try to come with ideas makes the picture perfect and adding lighting or how it's postion it is. I also learned that I need to really need to focus on the key element that facing me.

One thing the class could of done is to produce a portrait of are selfs on film. It would of been a project to. The students would really think how could I make this picture the best of all other photos taken. It will also be great because it shows what you learned of photography and the basics of using film to produce a picture.

I struggle with the cloned self because you have align the pictures correctly so it looks like your every. I had to redo the picture lots of times and not try to postion the camera in different spot. It has appear in the same view and color. When cloning yourself it best if you have someone to help you because you might change the view.

I conquered to take light photos because it was a fun changing the lighting. It really change how to use  the light for silhouettes or direct light. It show me of how really am. Changing the lighting  makes the object pop out more and focus more on the object. It has more of a story to tell and what their feeling about. It define more on the features the object has or how the object is doing.